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Charter Bus IndianapolisCharter Bus Indianapolis, American Coachways, is a company you can absolutely count on

You have found Charter Bus Indianapolis, American Coachways, a reliable and professional charter bus rental and booking company serving your city and many others. Among our fleet are charter bus, coach charter, sleeper coaches, entertainer coaches, mini bus, school bus and party bus that are up for rental.

The buses and ground transportation can be used for just about any kind of event including:-

  • company dinners
  • corporate functions
  • business outing
  • birthday parties
  • school summer camps
  • college sports championships
  • educational tours
  • personal travel
  • airport transfers
  • ....and many more.

Wide selection of buses for your selection

Among our charter buses are ones that can cater for 24 passengers, 49 passengers and 60 passengers.

What you can expect from our charter bus and luxury vehicles are as follows:-

  • comfortable high back reclining seats
  • LCD TVs
  • clean, personal, on-board bathroom
  • DVD players
  • modern PA system
  • ample luggage space
  • sufficient leg space (depending on the type of bus you have booked)

Most of the charter buses that we supply our customers come with the abovementioned facilities and amenities. To be on the safe side, we encourage you to confirm with your customer service agent if availability of the amenities is important to your trip.

Fun travel experience in Indianapolis

Here at Charter Bus Indianapolis, American Coachways is not just concerned about getting you to where you want to go, we care about quality

And that is why we have experience agents and travel writers go around in Indianapolis trying to find the best of everything so that we can recommend them to you. For example, if you are looking around for Kid-friendly places, we strongly recommend bringing the Indianapolis charter bus around to places like Children’s Museum of Indianapolis at 3000, N. Meridian St., Indianapolis IN 46208-4716 (317) 334-3322, Indianapolis Zoo at White River State Park 1200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46222 (317) 630-2001, IMAX Theater at 650, W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204 and Rhythm! Discovery Center 110, W. Washington St., Ste. A Indianapolis IN 46204 (317) 275-9030.

In the meantime, if you are looking for somewhere to relax and chill out after bringing the kids around all day, bring a party bus over to Blu at 240, S. Meridian St., Indianapolis (317) 955-8585, Sliperry Noodle Inn at 372 S Meridian St., (371) 631-6974, The Red Room at 6335, Guilford Ave., (317) 257-1344 or Ike and Jonesy at 17, W. Jackson PI (317) 632-4553.

Other important landmarks to check out with your Indianapolis charter bus would be Victory Field at 501, West Maryland Street in downtown Indianapolis where you can catch a baseball game if you are lucky. Lucas Oil Stadium received an expensive investment to boost it as a tourist attraction and function venue some time back and if you want to see what is new with the stadium, get the charter bus driver to bring you around to 500, South Capitol Avenue. If you are interested in Indian history in Indianapolis, we recommend heading over to Eiteljorg Museum which can be found at 500, W. Washington St.

The city is especially lively and exciting around Christmas time so, join us for some local events if you are coming over.

Travel with ease with Charter Bus Indianapolis

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Coffee Companies in Indianapolis to Check Out

Wine lovers are pretty serious about quality wine and the wine-making process but so are coffee lovers. Coffee lovers have been known to go to an extensive search for the best brews while traveling and if that sounds like you and you are heading over here in Indianapolis, we have a couple of suggestions for you to check out.

Just like in most major cities in the United States, coffee drinking has, indeed, picked up speed in terms of gaining popularity. Here are some cafes that seem pretty serious about a cup of good brew.

Bee Coffee Roasters
201 S Capitol Ave., Ste 110, Indianapolis, IN 46225
(317) 426-2504
Opening Hours - Mon to Fri 6.30am to 5.30pm; Sat 8.00am to 3.30pm; Closed on Sundays.

Let not the size of the cafe turn you off or change your mind because despite being a small batch coffee roaster, they know where to get the good stuff and roast them the right way. Coffee is a craft and not just a business. The cafe provide talented and professional baristas who will not hesitate to share their knowledge and experience with coffee lovers like you. You do not have to make a special trip via the charter bus. if you are already around the vicinity of Indiana Convention Center because it is simply a stone’s throw away.

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Find the best charter bus with Charter Bus Indianapolis

Wait no more because we assure you that Charter Bus Indianapolis is the right charter bus company to go with. With our experience and well-trained staff, we will be able to provide you with the best charter bus of your choice so that your trip, event and gathering can go on as smoothly as possible. Speak to our customer service representatives to find out more now by dialing (317) 286-2435 or 1-800-304-1993.


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