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June 3, 2013 - Locally Grown Gardens - Good food, great company

As one who enjoys good food, there are almost endless places to go – from the unknown little shops and restaurants to the famous and popular joints that most people may have heard of. What better way than to spend quality time over dinner with your really close friends, catching up on the latest news of each others’ lives?

Head over in your chartered bus to “Locally Grown Gardens” – a Chef owned and operated restaurant located at 1050 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN 46262 for a night of wonderful dinner with some delicious food cooked from fresh produce from the farm. The owner cum chef, Chef Ron, as he is fondly known, keeps very personal communication with his farmers. He has a habit of meeting the farmers quite often and even enjoys trekking down the Amish community in Southern Indiana or Garwood Orchard which is up north just to maintain very personal and real relationships with the farmers to personally select the best of their offerings. And when he is not out there looking for good bargains of fresh produce, he is usually found in the store – eating samples with his customers and just having a good time sharing with his customers.

Chef Ron was very much influenced by the Ice Cube interview he heard and that has inspired him to have expansion plan for his Indiana produce market at the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood. Chef Ron personally believes that “you have to be good where you are at first. Being good is being humble and sincere at what you are doing, and trying to be the best you can.” This is what keeps him going back and forth the farms to meet the farmers and making sure that he also “meets and interacts” with his customers, so that he keeps his communication with them “personal”.

Upon arriving at the entrance of Locally Grown Gardens in the chartered bus, you will almost feel as though you are home due to the “friendly and welcoming” ambience. The menu may not be as extensive as you may find in some fancier restaurants, but they are not deprived of varieties either. Food servings are considered to be quite big and service is quite good too.

Locally Grown Gardens is definitely a great place to go for catching up with your BFFs while munching away. While some may comment that the location of the place is a little odd and can be a little tricky to spot, there is nothing you have to worry if you are going there in a chartered bus because our experienced bus drivers will never miss spotting this place!