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Nov 8, 2012 - Tips for traveling on a budget

Traveling always takes a lot out of us, especially on the pocket. That’s why learning to travel on a budget without sacrificing any luxuries is skill that’s very valuable today. Luckily you’re already traveling smart when you book your trip by bus or limo with New Charter Bus.

If you’re traveling in a group, you might want to consider renting a house or a condo rather than a hotel as it can work out to be a lot cheaper than paying for the same number of beds in a hotel. Renting is also a good idea for smaller destinations where hotels are scarce, or in major cities where hotels are ultra-expensive. If you still prefer the convenience of a hotel, opt for a small hotel rather than a chain hotel.

Another alternative is to swap houses. If you live in a popular location and you don’t mind letting a stranger sleep in your bed, you can join a home-exchange site where you can list your home and gain access to a database of other members’ homes worldwide to arrange a swap.

Remember to always talk extensively with your swapper and, if possible, ask for references. Plus, you might also want to invest in a safe and check your home insurance to see how guests are covered.

Another way to lower your costs would be to plan your travels to coincide with an off-season location. For example, going to go to Florida during Spring Break for a family vacation is definitely courting trouble. Instead of staying at your destination, you might want to consider picking a nearby town where you may get a similar experience for less.

For your sight-seeing, look up the places you are going to visit online first, to determine if there are daily, weekly, or combination passes that you can purchase ahead of time, and for a discount. Do note that while they may seem attractive, those all-inclusive packages that offer meals, activities and accommodation can cost more than doing it on your own.

So book early, book smart and you’ll be saving money from the time you step onto your New Charter Bus bus or limo for your holiday trip.