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Oct 2, 2012 - Top Two Restaurants in Indianapolis To Have An Event In

Do you have a special occasion coming right up and having problems trying to decide on a restaurant because the options are endless? Worry not, you are not alone in this. As the local Indianapolis people know it, the locals love their food and are bent on bringing as much variety to their table as possible.

Here are some of our charter bus Indianapolis customers' favorites.

The first one would have to be the ever-popular Oceanaire Seafood Room! You won't believe the kind of raving reviews we are getting about this seafood restaurant that can be found on S. Meridian St. Accordingly, the pricing of the food is set at a reasonable price; well worth the money because according to their representatives, fresh seafood is flown in on an everyday basis to ensure that they serve only the freshest of everything! So, you can expect your tuna, salmon, chinook or whatever your favorite seafood is, to be right out of the sea and into your tummy.

As far as atmosphere is concerned, we would have to say that Mama Carolla's Old Italian Restaurant on E 54th St. is a hands down winner of them all. The setting is Mediterranean while Mama Carolla serves you with very, very authentic Italian cuisine. The polite staff makes the experience there even more unforgettable because Italians are very serious about their food and putting customers' needs ahead of their own. There is the lighted garden patio for that romantic moment with your loved ones and then there is the fireplace and open bar to to soothe your wrangled nerves after a tough day. Mama Carolla's specialties is (predictably) the lasagna, rigatoni and many other different kinds of pastas. What makes Mama Carolla's really different from the other Italian restaurants is the fact that they kept it as close to authentic Italian food as possible – no twists, no turns, and no combos like in some modern Italian restaurants. It's traditional, it's authentic...end of story.